[Exclusive] Bubble Bag Mini / Black

The minimal rectangular 'Oblong Bag Mini' padded version adds a soft cotton feel to the "Bubble Bag Mini".

- New Logo Mold Decoration
- A soft fabric with a cotton feel
- Magnetic Closing
- Inner open pocket 1 compartments, storage space of 1 compartment of zipper pocket

Bubble Bag Mini / Black will restock on 4rd week of April.

If you steal/unauthorized use of all content and product designs in stand oil Take strong legal action based on copyright law.
Product details

24*23*9 cm, 255g
Strap height (drop) : 27 cm
Strap length : 65 cm
(The size may differ by 1~2cm depending on measurement methods.)

Polyester 100%
*This product can not be washed.
*If wet, dry in the shade with good ventilation.
*Be careful of discoloration when exposed to direct sunlight or heat for a long time.

Made in China


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