Ooze bag / Black

Dreamers, Let's begin
2023 SPRING COLLECTION tells the story of people who start anew to achieve their dreams and wishes.

"Ooze Bag" has a natural shape and is easy to store.

Product detail.
- Using materials with natural gloss and soft texture
- Soft zipper closing
- Easy shoulder/crossbody length adjustment with buckle
- Zipper pocket on the back and storage space with 3 internal open pockets

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Product details
Vegan leather (None-Animal), Polyester 100%
*If wet, dry in a well-ventilated shade.
*Be careful of discoloration when exposed to direct sunlight or heat for a long time.

It has a natural shape and good storage. "Aus Bag".

- Use of materials with a natural gloss and soft touch
- Soft Zipper Closure
- Easy shoulder/cross body length adjustment with buckles
- Zipper pocket on the back, 3 compartments of internal open pockets


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