Tied Backpack / Fog Blue

The World of Diversity that Stand Oil imagines
23 SUMMER COLLECTION with multi-laying items, various variations in size, and vivid colors of sherbet tone.
 "Tied Backpack" with a design that allows you to adjust the bag shape with layered pocket details and strings.
product detail
 - Nylon material with cotton filling with  smooth surface
 - Front string pocket and side storage pocket
 - Separate laptop storage compartment inside
 - Hidden zip pocket on the back
 - Comfortable back and shoulder pads with cushioning
 * Store up to 14 inches of MacBook

If you steal/unauthorized use of all content and product designs in stand oil Take strong legal action based on copyright law.
Product details

*If wet, dry in a well-ventilated shade.
*Be careful of discoloration when exposed to direct sunlight or heat for a long time.

Made in Korea / China / Vietnam


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